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Monday, August 4, 2014
College of Regents Committe Casino Cruise Bus Trip
Tickets are now on sell and we have only 15 tickets (December 1). If you want tickets for our Casino Cruise Bus Trip on January 31 . The tickets will be $40.00. That will include your transportation (round trip), lunch, $20.00 in play (after you spend $20.00). We will have a mystery gift tickets will go on sale in January and drawing will be at 7:00pm after we get back from the trip. We also will have our Moose Races and 50/50. See a Collegian for information and tickets.
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Administrator's Message
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Well it is now December an a lot of our Snowbird Friends have not made it back. We hope to be able to see them soon, and that all is well. We always look forward to seeing them all in the winter months.

The Lodge has come into some expense these last two months with the sew Sea Wall, 2 air conditioners burned out and needed to be replaced, new carpet, long over due, in the Social Quarters and Blue Room. This was all possible because, as members, you understand when we come around with raffles and 50/50's. This is what it takes to survive, and I want to thank each and every one of you. You are the greatest! Thank you.

Now we have a huge project coming up and that is the roof. Once again, we must ask for your help with any donations you can give. The cost to replace the roof is $78,000.00. If you want to donate for the new roof, mark your check for the roof project, or if you donate cash, bring it to the office and tell us it is for the new roof.

As always, please remember to show you Moose Membership card when making a purchase, and ask the bartender for a door key if you need one.

I want wish all of you a very Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you at the Lodge.

Olan Gilmore, Administrator
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