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Thursday, June 5, 2014
Congradulation to Our New Degree Members
If you see any of these new degree members at the lodge make sure that you congratulate them. We are very proud of all of our new Degree Members.

Olan Gilmore, R. C. Street and V. S. Stanley received their Fellowship degree at the International Convention in Las Vegas.

Martha Adair received her College of Regents degree at the International Convention in Las Vegas.

George Bunt received his Pilgrim Degree at Mooseheart's House of God. We will be have a big gala for him at a later date.

Academy of Friendship New Members received their degree at Mid Year Convention in Orlando, Ashley Dampier, Melinda Radlein, Kathy Jacob, Amy Cook.
Camela O'Dricoll received her at the International Convention in Las Vegas.
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Administrator's Message
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We are going with a double issue of the Moosecall for June and July, and will try it again next time for August and September. If you would like to receive this in the mail you must notify the LOOM office and update your mailing address. WOTM members may receive this in the mail for a small annual fee.

We have lots of fine activities planned for the summer, and hope you come out and join us. Our Vegas Day, on July 19th in the Lodge should be a great time, as well as our 4th of July BBQ and Fish Fry for Labor Day.

Moose Days at the Rays will be August 17th, but there are plans for a bus trip for a Yankee's game at the Rays in the works. Watch the Moose call for Further details.

Olan Gilmore, Administrator
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